Great Falls

Great Falls


At a Glance

  • Public Transportation: None
  • Walk Score: 21
  • Grocery Stores: Safeway
  • Local High School: Great Falls



Great Falls is comprised of just over 25 square miles. The city is approximately 17.6 miles Northwest of Washington DC. It is nestled at a 355 elevation in the Piedmont upland on the Potomac River’s right bank.



Because of it’s wooded setting and sprawling property lots, Great Falls is not known for having easy access to public transportation.  However, taxis are available from Great Falls to the Tysons Corner Metro Station which serves the Silver Line to Washington D.C.


Great Falls is well connected to neighboring towns and beyond via Virginia State Route 7 and Virginia State Route 193 (Leesburg Pike and Georgetown Pike respectively).


Property Types

Condominiums, town homes, and apartments are nonexistent in Great Falls. Handsome homes from $1 million and up sit on sprawling two – five acre lots. Residents are always eager to bring newcomers into the fold via an active outreach group. Get-togethers and festivals are frequent events in the Town Center, offering plenty of opportunities for neighbors to connect.




Things to Do

Great Falls is home to perhaps the most lush and picturesque park in all of the Washington D.C. suburbs: Great Falls Park. Inside the park, visitors can enjoy a thrilling waterfall from a variety of different viewing platforms. Aside from common park activities such as hiking and rock climbing, park visitors can experience white water rafting! If you plan to visit the park on a holiday, plan ahead as there are often lines out the park doors, particularly on Father’s Day and Labor Day.


Great Falls has its own Historical Society, established in 1977. The society promotes the cultural history and community pride through several initiatives. Activities include trivia nights, potlucks, and involvement in preserving local buildings.


Interesting Fact

Great Falls and the surrounding area was once a meeting place for Native Americans, particularly members of the Powhatan Confederacy and the Iroquois Nation.




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