Kenny Crenshaw

“Let’s go on this adventure together, you won’t be disappointed.”

Kenny, a Northern Virginia native, brings creativity, energy, honesty, loyalty and professionalism into the workplace.  Currently a resident of Arlington, VA, Kenny grew up in Great Falls and Vienna, VA and maintains a pulse on the local communities as well as a firm grasp on Washington, D.C. and the surrounding Maryland suburbs.  Kenny is no stranger to sales. It has been a part of his life, in one way or another, since his early years.  Whether he was selling jumbo buckets of range balls at Woody’s Golf Range off of Route 7 at 15 or navigating the complex sales and contractual landscape of multi-million dollar software deals the dedication and need to accomplish a task for those on the other end of the transaction has never changed.

Even though much of Kenny’s career was outside of Real Estate the one thing that continues to ring true, the foundation that many build upon, is that relationships matter.  Whether you are buying your first home or your retirement villa, having someone on your team that can be a trusted advisor is extremely important.  One must understand the goals and desires of their clients.  Real Estate consists of people, processes and of course change.  And while change may sometimes be intimidating, if you have someone to walk through the journey with you and guide you along the way, that change can be the start of something great.

As an extension of Keller Williams and The Moya Team he will bring commitment, honor, passion and most importantly, fun to the process.  Your home buying experience should never be seen as a chore but instead, as an exciting moment in one’s life.  Let’s go on this adventure together, you won’t be disappointed.


Licensed in Virginia 

Phone: 703-989-8778
Office: 703-224-6050
[email protected]

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