The process of selling a home is a complex one. It’s can be busy, stressful, and oftentimes emotional. Our singular goal with every one of our sellers is to make the experience as uncomplicated, stress-free, and professional as possible. With that in mind, we’ve detailed exactly what you, the seller, can expect when you list your home with a Moya Team sellers agent.

We’ll Prepare You for the Process
It’s important that, from the outset, you have a clear idea what to expect from the process of selling your property. There will always be surprises along the way, but this let’s you know what to expect overall. Your agent will provide you with an estimated timeline, an overview of the market, and a thorough explanation of each step so that you know exactly what it’ll take to get your home on the market and sold quickly.

We’ll Assist You in Setting a Competitive Price
Choosing your sales price is the most important decisions you’ll make. It communicates a lot about property. Using comparative market analysis as well as your agent’s in-depth knowledge of the local market, we’ll provide you with the insight to choose a price point that makes your home competitive in the surrounding market while ensuring you’ll get the highest return possible on your investment. We’ll also help you set the price best suited to your preferences. Want the home to move quickly? Want to hold out for the right offer? We’ll get you there.

We’ll Help You Stage Your Home to Sell
You’re likely as emotionally invested in your house as you are financially invested in it, making it a challenge to step back and view your property from a critical buyer’s perspective. We know exactly how to make your home meet buyer’s expectations—and surpass them. Whether it’s updating fixtures, hanging new drapes, or installing a new vanity in that small half bath, we’ll work with you to identify approachable changes that will yield the most value for dollars spent. On top of this, we’ll provide you with tips for staging your home to showcase its best qualities.

We’ll Strategically Market Your Property
Once your home is priced, staged, and on the market, it’s our time to put full effort toward marketing your property. We do this persistently, energetically, and strategically. Since 98% of today’s real estate searches are conducted online, we’ll put your property on widely accessed sites like Zillow and Trulia. Expect a complete home profile, excellent photos that showcase your home’s unique qualities (and minimize its quirks), and a detailed property description. We also extensively market to fellow real estate agents through MLS, IDX, and our own widely cast professional network. We want to make an impact immediately, creating excitement about your property. The longer a home is listed, the more challenging it is to sell, so we do everything we can to guarantee homes don’t languish on the market.

We Won’t Just Show Your House, We’ll Show it Off

Along with marketing online and through the Realtor’s network, we take the time to market directly to the buyer during individual showings and open houses. We take responsibility for the experience of viewing your property. No detail goes unnoticed, no buyer’s question goes unanswered. And while we’re at it, your agent will provide you with updates regarding showings and buyer feedback so that you remain in the loop every step of the way.

We’ll Represent Your Best Interests Throughout the Sale
Once we’ve hooked a potential buyer, we do everything to ensure that buyer is the right fit. We personally verify loan preapproval, deftly negotiate price offers and contingencies, manage paperwork, and keep the appraisal and closing running smoothly for you. And while we do all that we can throughout the process to keep things straight and easy, we’re always ready for those unexpected hiccups. We are on your side, every step of the way.

We’ll Follow Through
Following through doesn’t just mean working tirelessly for you from the first meeting till your house is officially sold. It means consistently and successfully doing more than is expected so that the Moya Team becomes, “Your Real Estate Consultants For Life.”

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